Approved Installers

We aim to build up a national network of Approved Installers by offering roofing contractors, like you top quality materials at competitive prices.

We know the roofing business better than anyone and run our own teams of installers in Yorkshire. Our experience and hands on approach enable us to know what's required to install to the highest standard.

We only use and sell the best materials - we wouldn't sell materials we're not prepared to use on our own installations.

Our fire retardant premium GRPX Resin and Topcoat is unique to Future Roof and is manufactured to the highest specification in the industry. We also supply catalyst, trims, matting, boards and all ancillary products to complete your roof.

We have also produced a GRPX 4 page product information brochure for your customer, and can help you with technical advice and product images.

Please ask for a copy of our current Trade price list.

We look forward to hearing from you!